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How is the ink packed?

The ink is packed in easy-to-use 1 litre containers.

Is it possible to replace empty container with the full one during the printing?

Yes, it is possible due to continuous ink supply system and specially designed packing.

What is the average ink consumption for 1 sq. meter?

The average ink consumption for 1 sq.m (printed on Neo-Art eco-solvent printer) is about 10-15 ml of all ink in total.

What is the purpose of flushing liquid and how often should it be used?

Flushing liquid is not used while printing. It is used for flushing of ink channels (for long-term parking of printer) and for daily and weekly print heads maintenance. The average flushing liquid consumption is 1 liter per 1 month.

What is the shelf-life of eco-solvent ink?

The ink shelf-life takes 12 calendar months from production date. The storage temperature is +5 - +35°C.

How is eco-solvent ink cured?

The solvent in the ink dissolves the media surface, and the pigment enters the structure. After applying the ink material goes through fan drying system and infrared drying, whereby the solvent evaporates, and the pigment remains. Double material drying system with a 3-zone heating installed in NEO Art printers enables printing at high-speed mode without being afraid that the ink smears or time to dry is not enough.

What is lifetime of print heads?

The operational period of Epson DX-5 print heads takes 1,5-2 years. A print head has 8 channels (2 channels for each CMYK color). The printer is equipped with one or two print heads.

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