The first customers are satisfied with the results of its work. Different manufacturers of glass have showed high interest in the art center.

Студия SUN в Нью-ЙоркеSUN Studio possibilities allow to apply any images on glass surfaces. It can be a monochrome picture, full-color picture and even a photo. Decoration of glass elements in the interior of residential and industrial premises is a perspective direction in the world market of interiors. Images are applied on glass elements of cabinets and other furniture, splash backs, office partitions, trade equipment… etc.

Technologies of SUN Studio let to print not only on the glasses, but on any other materials such as stone, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic tile, fabric, canvas, plaster and other.

Today there are more than 120 SUN Studio art centers around the world. They work in USA, China, UAE, France, Oman, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and other countries. Their services are in high demand on the interiors market, in the production of furniture, also in glass industry and advertising industry.

Very soon new SUN Studio will open in South India and Belarus.

To find out more about SUN Studio ready-made business contact our managers.