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IQDEMY offers unique equipment to those who aim at using the most high-end technologies in producing glass and ceramic products. SWISS+ printing machines are designed specially for applying images on glass and ceramics using glass-ceramics inks.

Higher level of automation

integrates into the assembly line

600 kg

maximum substrate weight


Integrating into assembly line

For higher level of automation and speeding up of production process, the printing machine could be integrated into assembly line.

Material handling

Printing table optionally can be equipped with conveyor belts and aerial material lift system, which provides material “hovering” for preventing surface from damage.

Special inks, penetrating into the substrate

In SWISS+ special glass-ceramics inks are used. They penetrate into the substrate and require further drying. This technology provides surfaces resistant to mechanical damage.

Surface enameling

To provide higher quality and better appearance of the finished product SWISS+ has the option of enameling: gloss and frost coatings are available.

Reinforced printing table

Glass and ceramics are heavy materials. Reinforced printing table of SWISS+ model bears weight up to 600 kg.
IQ SWISS+ 2000
Print table size


1,6 x 2,0


Konica Minolta printheads in this IQDEMY printer have 1024 nozzles and 72 mm one pass width. They are fully ready for special glass-ceramics inks usage.

CMYK + GR + G + BR + BJ

Drop size

14 pkl

Additional functions

 Ink drying system

 The technology requites drying of the printed image at a certain temperature during 2-3 minutes. 

Conveyor belts or aerial material lift system

 For ceramics conveyor belts are preferred, for glass aerial material lift system is recom mended to prevent glass surface from damage. 

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Ink type
IQDEMY Ink for Tempered, IQDEMY Ceramic ink