Interior printers


What is the number of colors, used in Eco solvent printers?

In eco-solvent printers we use four-colored CMYK system, a small drop size let us go without additional colors. Client can add Lc and Lm semitones.

What is the highest resolution you can reach, using eco-solvent printers?

A drop size and resolution of  Epson print heads, used in printers, allow  them to reach sharp image of photo quality and subtle gradation of semi tones up to 2880 dpi resolution.  

Does a NeoArt printer have a possibility to print on several coils at the same time?

A width of printing area in NeoArt E320 printer contains 3.2m and unwinding system allows using coils up to 3.3m wide or two coils up to 1.37m wide each that makes it possible to print two independent materials at the same time.

Is a printer equipped with a material rolling system?

Yes, each model of  NEO Art E-160/180/320 and its configuration has a material rolling system. There is a separate and independent system of rolling and tension material that allows you to print on thin and flexible materials.

Is it possible to print tented ceilings, using this printers?

As the ceilings are flexible and easy to extend, the feed system cannotfully cope with evenly feeding. This requires a tension and reeling system. All printers and NEO Art E-160/180/320 NEO Art SC have this system in its basic configuration that allows you to print on tented ceilings and other flexible materials.

What is the maximum image size on eco-solvent printers, when printing on rolling materials?

The maximum width can be up to 3.2 m, depending on the model chosen. Length is limited by the length of the coil.

Is it possible to print edge-to-edge on the rolling materials?

Yes, it is possible to print within the whole material width without any shifts.

What is a warranty for an Eco-solvent printer?

The NeoArt printers have a 12 month warranty.

What ink is used in NeoArt eco-solvent printers?

We use eco-solvent inks IQDEMY Art Ink, which are specifically designed for interior printing without additional protection. These inks have a high light fastness, color and faint odor.

What is the average cost of printing on NeoArt eco-solvent printers?

The price of IQDEMY Art ink is about 34$ per liter and with a flow rate of 10-15 milliliters per square meter, the cost of printing ink is about 0.3-0.5$ per square meter.

What printing speed modes does eco-solvent printer have?

High-speed mode - up to 43 m / h

Photo quality - up to 24 m / h

Super-quality - up to 18 m / h

Print speed depends on various factors, including the number of print heads, print mode and the width of the printed image.

Is it necessary to keep temperature and humidity in work room on a certain level?

Yes, the humidity should be 30-80% without condensate formation, it is recommended to keep 45-75% to avoid problems caused by static electricity on the material. The temperature should be +21- +27°C.

What is the weight of an eco-solvent printer?

A NeoArt printer weights from 300 to 800 kilograms, depending on the model.

How does the process of fixation of eco-solvent ink on the material go on?

The solvent contained in the ink dissolves the surface of the carrier, and the pigment misses the material structure. After applying the ink material is passed over a drying system of the fan (Fan System) and infrared drying, whereby the solvent evaporates and the pigment remains. The double-drying material system with 3-zone automatic heating desktop, used in NEO Art printers allows you to print in high-speed mode without fear of the ink flowing or not having time to dry them.

What materials can be used for printing in NeoArt eco-solvent printers?

The printer can print on roll materials such as: banner, vinyl, photo paper, canvas, wallpaper, polyester (flag fabric), the tented ceiling.

What RIP do the printers work with?

All the printers are supplied with a PhotoPrint DX10 software.

Does the IQDEMY company provide with profiles for printing on different materials?

Yes, along with the equipment supply you gain several ICC profiles for the most popular materials.

How is it possible to ensure a stable power supply for the printer?

To ensure a stable power supply it is recommended to install a no-break power battery with 2kwt.

How much is the commissioning of an eco-solvent printer?

The commissioning is free; an engineer provides with the installation and link-up, test printing on different materials and teaches your worker to use the equipment. The expenses not included are travel costs and accommodation of the engineer. 

What space is required to install an eco-solvent printer?

The room space should not be less than the dimensions of the equipment in a working form, enhanced with a 1.5m space on each side (minimum size of the workspace). Usually the room area of 40 square meters is sufficient to accommodate the printer. Nevertheless you still need an area for the storage of material and finished products.


Questions about the consumables for interior printers.

In what way the inks are packaged?

Inks are packaged in convenient liter bottles.

Is it possible to replace the empty ink container by the ink tank during printing?

Yes, due to the continuous ink supply system and a special packaging design it is possible to replace the tank during printing.

What is the average ink consumption on a square meter?

NEO Art eco-solvent printers at 100% printing of one square meter consume 10-15 milliliters of ink in general.

For what is the solvent required and how much and often it is used?

Solvent is a washing liquid and it is not used during theprinting. It is only required for washing the ink tract (while parking printer for a long time) and weekly and daily maintenance of print heads. On the average, consumption of solvent is less than a liter per month.

How much is a liter of solvent cost?

Solvent price is about 37$. per liter.

What is the expiration date of eco-solvent inks?

The expiration dateof the ink is 12 calendar months from the date of manufacture. They should be stored at a temperature of +5 - +35 ° C.

What is the lifetime of print heads and what is their cost?

Lifetime of Epson DX5 print head is 1.5-2 years. Ahead has 8 channels (2 channels per color CMYK). The printer is set to 1 or 2 heads.