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Glass&Ceramic Printing

Equipment made for printing where strong abrasion, humidity and chemical resistance is crucial. Ceramic, glass and aluminum printed special way can be used in indoor and outdoor applications without any worries about durability of image. And due to our 18-years experience you can be sure that quality of machines and printing meet all the requirement of the market.

IQDEMY SWISS+ (Under development)

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IQDEMY SWISS+ (Under development)
  • IQDEMY offers industrial solution with high automation capabilities for your ceramic/glass production. Soft printing table with reverse vacuum eases handling and positioning of glass sheets and tiles. Conveyor table option makes possible to insert this printer into your production line to provide non-stop printing with special inks suitable for glazed ceramic and glass. Other inks are used for direct glass printing (no need for glazing). Several sizes and configurations allow matching your specific needs.

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  • IQDEMY Aluprint

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    IQDEMY Aluprint
    • IQDEMY Aluprint is equipment for high quality and high productive printing on aluminum with open pin holes (anodized aluminum). The model is determined by large format, highest assembly quality, speedy and reliable Swiss electronics and mechanics, Japanese printing system by Ricoh based on GH 2220 print heads.

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