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High-precision printers for special industrial tasks


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  • IQJET equipment developed within the IQDEMY Group is a conceptual industrial flatbed 3D printer, combining in itself high-precision printing and advanced features of electronics and automation.

    Color scheme, type of inks and print heads, size of print table and also elements of additional automation and control systems are made according to individual requirements of client.

    Use of the principle of operation of linear drivers based on the Magnetic Levitation (the unique patented MAGLEV system) makes the equipment very reliable and due to its reliability we give the guarantee up to 10 years.

    IQJET can be adapted to production of any enterprise. Specialty of the IQJET NEO series is single-stage design of the body frame with magnetic high-precision engines.

    The load-bearing table from a complete granite slab, two duplicating unrelated linear engines of high-capacity, four guideways and two beams for the carriage and also the fastest print heads working at extremely high frequency - all this provides high productivity and micron- accuracy of IQJET NEO.

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