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IQDEMY external manufacturing system – Evolution of your business

Manufacture the equipment for supplying images on almost any materials without any investment

Manufacturing stages:

IQDEMY's area:

1. You chose the machine enclosure, component parts, printheads and control electronics at wholesale for large-scale producers.

2. Our engineers assemble a printing machine from chosen component parts and test it at one of our manufacturing areas.

3. We brand the machine (applying the name plate with your brand) and dye it on demand.

Your area:

4. We reassemble the printing machine and send you the assemblу kit from our manufacturing area. Control electronics and printheads are sent separately from Switzerland.

5. Your engineers, trained by IQDEMY specialists, assemble the machine: put in the control electronics and printheads.

Your printer is ready!


There is no need to:

  • have a warehouse with a stock of spare parts,
  • buy an expensive production line,
  • have large qualified technical staff.


Get all the advantages:

  • earn more decreasing costs,
  • own your brand,
  • minimize import duties and taxes,
  • get an opportunity to qualify for government financing given to local manufacturers,
  • improve the quality of your products.
Dealers earnings
First cost of manufacturing
Duties and customers service costs

NO entrance duties / NO manufacturing facility’s extra charges

Manufacturing in common sense


It is easy to be a manufacturer with IQDEMY! Working with us by IQEM scheme you become a manufacturer of the equipment for supplying images on almost any materials under your own brand.
You will either earn more, decrease costs and minimize import duties, or promote in the international market your own brand of printing equipment.




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