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Express personality in customised projects. New markets for UV-printing…

It's become obvious that now we have new opportunities and applications for UV-printing which go far beyond its traditional market. People aim at beauty and comfort — in d? cor our personality is expressed. So, customized products are becoming a very perspective field. Real chance to realize a dream about paradise at home or to have something made just for you attracts clients. Now it's possible to print on any materials: textile, glass, ceramics, leather, metal etc. Reveal your fantasy.


With UV-LED technology it's become possible to start up a multiple and highly profitable business with means of only one printer. Be sure in success! You will have enough orders, because each person in the city is your potential customer.

Cosines around us

With UV printing it's now possible to create customized products and even the design for a whole house. Any materials like wall panel, posters, wallpaper, underroof and many more might be decorated with UV printing and then installed very quickly. Printed wall coverings look awesome. Now it's very popular and even becomes a mainstream. Due to big choice of different substrates (vinylic, paper) a wall-coverings are in great demand now.

For walls decoration in drawing room it's possible to print images on Gobelin tapestries etc. You can use concrete images, photographs and also something abstract — gradients and half-tint, local color and ornament, all depends on your original idea and chosen style. For kitchen and bathrooms tile printing (for example, terrazzo) is perfectly looking and even a floor can be made unusual and bright as the direct printing on linoleum, parquet, and laminate is also possible now. UV-LED printing ensures unmatched quality and brightness for the materials. It is also suitable for producing home textiles: art canvas, counterpane, printed pillow-case and many more.

It is possible to decorate a room with reproductions of pictures, photos printed on any material: from an art canvas up to glass and metal.

Every room can be a paradise with individually printed images.



Beauty and quality

One more scope is a furniture manufacture. for example, table-tops that are made up of different materials: wood, plexiglas, plastic. Also UV-LED technology allows printing with White and Varnish. White color is a perfect decision when we need to print on colored substrate. Varnish is also very important; it positively influences functionality and allows increasing resistibility to mechanical external actions.

The image inserted in furniture (sideboards, cupboards, wardrobe (sliding-door wardrobe), lockers) looks very beautiful. Thus, even a furniture which is inexpensive itself (for example, from chipboard) can changes completely, and will look more smartly-very stylish and presentable.

There is no need to furnish the room with very expensive tables, chairs, and drapes.

Don't forget about doors — timber door, sliding doors, and doors with glass/Plexiglas/acrylic settings — all this can be printed with any art image or imitation under expensive breeds of a tree. That, certainly, will add charm to the interior.


Design solutions for room optimization

Very often we are limited in space — one room unites in itself some functions. Then there is a necessity of re-planning and division of a room into zones — an area for rest, a lunch area, and a working space. Usually some decorative elements are used for this purpose. Partitions and folding screens are made up with a combination of such materials as a cardboard, gypsum cardboard, various kinds of plastic (PVC, cellular polycarbonate), wood etc.

Printed with the image, these surfaces completely change an indoors climate, create the necessary accents and visually expand the space … Volumetric stereoimages — printing on special plastic lenses (solvent printing is impossible for such surfaces) also looking originally.

At your wish it is possible to print even ceilings — underroof and tension. It is very fashionable now to build ceilings with different levels, for example, in one part of the room a niche for a tension ceiling, in another — a convex design for illumination. It helps to give the illusion of size and increase height of a ceiling visually.

Besides, customized printing is possible on lamps, fixtures, aquariums, mirrors, leather, curtains, jalousie and … what else come to your mind … NEO UV-LED will change completely any surface!


Innovative architecture and construction

Stained-glass windows look fabulous especially in shimmer light. Transformation of old buildings into a work of art by replacement of usual glasses on printed is a very good idea. A wide variety of materials can be used: including acrylic, plexiglas, textured glass. Also for dramatic effect it's possible to illuminate the image evenly from behind.

For facades decoration printing on keramogranit, composite panel, finishing tile etc is used. So, thanks to digital printing it is possible to make any facade colorful and original. Also customized UV-printing is possible for stair-well and hand-rail decoration. No doubt there is a clear scope for further development in this segment.

Alongside with new ideas traditional applications of UV-printing are very strong: Sign making, store-front glass signage graphics, POS, vehicle graphics, street furniture, printing on souvenirs etc.


All this beauty is possible with UV-LED technology - it's a whole business!!! The technology is unique and has no analogues in the world. the UV-LEDs technology is one jump ahead of any competitors and gives you certain benefits:

  • Printer is easy for use, and special education is not required. 2 days of training with our specialists and you will print!
  • Taking into account the sale value you can profit while printing 100 sq.m per day only.
  • A one copy printing makes it possible to work with any customized orders.
  • A one copy printing makes it possible to work with any customized orders.
  • Wide range of printed materials — hybrid printer (for both rolled and sheet materials). Printing on non-thermostable materials (even on paper) is also possible!!!
  • Varnish is an additional option exclusively realized on NEO UV-LED printer. The process of varnishing is completely automated. Varnishing allows using a ready print anywhere, and in any conditions.
  • White colour makes it possible to print on colorful and transparent materials.
  • The service life of light-emitting diode is about 40'000–100'000 hours and it is enough for 14 years round–the-clock functioning without days off. I.e. you will profit from economy don't having change leds.
  • Low finance charge on power inputs. The UV-LED technology provides low power consumption with minimum heat release. Besides, good coefficients of efficiency (performance index ~ 15%). So UV-LED is excelled UV-lamps in all operation factors!!!
  • Ozone-free printing is good for working conditions and do not damage the environment!!! Besides, printed products can be used everywhere indoors and even in kindergartens.
  • Service Support. Our engineers will ground you with UV-technology.
  • Best product at affordable price.

There is no doubt, that with UV-printing any customized projects becomes more vivid, and individual! for many people it's a chance to create fantastic and unique interior. for you — it's an opportunity to launch the long-term, fool-proof business with good future prospects. with UV-LED technology you will come into the new qualitative performance level. And don't forget, extent of the market is equal to population of your city — for everybody you have a lot to offer. 


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