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Google chooses IQDEMY equipment!

Google chooses IQDEMY equipment!

Sun Studio Hong Kong, working under IQDEMY franchise, completed a large-scale order for Google office ornament in Hong Kong. Thanks to printed acoustic panels it is not only quiet, but also cozy. 

Today Google has more than 70 offices in 40 countries, and none of them is like another: the elements of national color, unusual design ideas, in each of its facilities the company strives to create an environment which is extremely comfortable to work and everything has to motivate creativity and inspiration. "I would like to work in a place like this!" - Probably everyone is willing to say this, seeing an unusual, original and very comfortable office






UV printing technology from IQDEMY now is a part of this world of corporate dreams! Sun Studio Hong Kong printing on acoustic panels adorned the Google office in Hong Kong. The images are printed on a hybrid printer IQDEMY Evolution, capable to print roll and sheet materials at high speed.

IQDEMY Evolution is equipped with reliable and high-performance print heads from Ricoh, an effective system of UV-LED curing and reliable electronics from DPS Innovation. High quality, speed and results!

The combination of two advanced technologies: special soundproofing materials and UV printing has allowed designers to create a bright and comfortable office space. Through the use of acoustic panels finishing, even in fragments, the noise is reduced inside the room and in adjacent offices, and the use of truly limitless possibilities of UV printing allowed making the acoustic panels a bright decor element.


Panels printed in the soft blue tones with ‘light’ ornament and photo-sketching of the city life create a relaxed business atmosphere, giving the meeting room a subtle national picturesque style.


Bright vegetables, recognizable tags, juicy picture on an orange background - usual for the city dweller images in the new reading!


Can eggs be part of the decor? The design of this office space proves that it can! High quality printing allows you to make a soft texture and a delicate blue-gray color of the eggshell. This printing does not fade with time, even if the office is lighted with bright and shiny summer sun.

Sun Studio in Hong Kong proves that high quality printing equipment of IQDEMY meets the highest standards of artistic quality and design of working premises of the global giant like Google. The successful experience of cooperation with such companies speaks for itself!

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