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In 2010, with years of experience in large-format digital printing, along with friends and business partners, we philosophized about the market and its requirements over the next few years, and in the end, we worked out a concept for a modular, universal printing system for flatbed and roll printers.

Today, we are one of the few suppliers in this field to offer a complete range of printers for UV- applications as well as ceramic inks for glass, ceramics and various textile systems and Quatum Dot technology as a full-line supplier. Thanks to international partners such as Iqdemy SA and DPS Innovations as a solution for the various inks required and special cooperation with manufacturers of print heads and electronic components we can meet almost all requirements.

Greenline Graphics is primarily a distribution company with a focus on UV-printing, which develops and implements concepts for digital printing internationally based on many years of experience in the international network. We also work directly with manufacturers to provide customer service, warranty and other services such as user training, color management with professionals both internally and externally. Of course, we are also available for special projects and where the user wants to work directly with the manufacturer and the development team for whatever reason. Not all tasks can be mastered purely through the development of mechanical solutions. In many cases, it is about choosing the right components, the interplay between these and, above all, inks and media.

Thanks to the long experience and the worldwide network, we can react faster and better to the needs of our customers. From the multitude of different components on the most different quality levels and the almost confusing amount of offers for inks, we search together with you the optimal solution for your tasks.

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