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Ink Containing Silver Nanoparticles Kills Malignant Bacteria

Russian company SUN INNOVATIONS has invented ink with nanoparticles of silver which kill malignant bacteria.


Healthcare has become a worldwide trend having its devotees in various economic sectors. What if today, technology existed making apartments or kindergartens healthier was available to us? It does exist!

Inventors from Russia have developed a unique ink with antibacterial effect which has no counterparts in the world. This ink is different to ink used for printing on paper sheets. These inks can be applied to printing multi-color images on any surface, any material - for instance, on the tiles used for facing a bathroom or wall panels for school interior design.

The step towards healthy future was taken by SUN INNOVATIONS. The ink composition contains nanoparticles of silver known for its antibacterial properties. Since ancient times people have been using silver to improve health. In India they used it to disinfect the water. American pioneers put an iron man into milk to prevent souring. Scientists proved that ions of silver have an ability to kill more than 650 species of malignant bacteria. In comparison: any antibiotic destroys only from 5 to 10 species.

Although this data wasn't a secret there was no widespread usage of the salubrious qualities of silver. "There are a lot of options of how to apply our invention", - says the founder of SUN INNOVATIONS Vladislav Mirchev. "For instance, it can be used for decorating the walls in public places. We believe that it can be used to lessen the chance of catching the common cold. Or you could print an image on the surface of a notebook (our printers can do it) to protect user from accumulated bacteria, and even make it creative ".

SUN INNOVATIONS decided to confirm antibacterial properties of its invention and asked the Institute of Hygiene (agency of Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare) to evaluate the nanoparticle containing ink. They say scientists were amazed by the effect of SUN's ink. SUN FLOWER with nanoparticles of silver really does inhibit the growth of malignant bacteria, fungus and mold. Moreover, developers confirm that their inks are also environmental friendly. They have replaced toxic solvents with an eco-friendly analogue.

Date: 06.12.2011



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