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IQDEMY at Import Substitution exhibition

IQDEMY at Import Substitution exhibition

12-14 September, 2017 the 3d International specialized Import Substitution exhibition was held in Crocus Expo IEC Moscow, Russia. IQDEMY will showcase its equipment and the latest developments in printing industry.

Import Substitution exhibition demonstrates development of Russian companies’ potential to produce competitive import substitutional products and services for various industries of Russian economy. This is one of the main events in Russian market where manufacturers showcase their products and services.

Top managers and specialists of enterprises interested in purchasing the latest developments, equipment, services and goods of domestic production as well as foreign investors visited the event.

IQDEMY holding showcased the latest developments in printing technology: - full-color printing on anodized aluminum for architecture, construction and instrumentation - bioprinting, printing of biomedical materials by living cells - printing with ink containing quantum dots - specialized solution for printing labels and packaging at high speeds - control electronics for printing systems and chemical compositions for coating and protection of prints.

Printer for anodized aluminum was presented by IQDEMT dealer Gedacolor company. Inks were produced by IQDEMY. The newest IQDEMY development UV curable ink Quantum Dot Ink. The technology of coating quantum dots is a perfect solution for security printing and protection from falsification. UV curable Quantum Dot Ink can be applied on any surface: glass, metal, stone, plastic and film. Quantum Dots printing and Bioprinting are the two very important IQDEMY projects that require big investment and cooperation on development. We are always open to talk to investors and potential partners.

Participation in such exhibitions allows not only to demonstrate achievements and develop communication with customers, but also better understand tendencies of Russian market development, create partnerships with other representatives of Russian market.

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