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Every year IQDEMY Holding takes part in many different exhibitions all over the world and some of it is the tradition. One such traditional event is FESPA. FESPA Print Global Expo 2018 is largest exhibition for the wide format print industry. There are several FESPA events per year worldwide and the next one will be in a week, Berlin.

IQDEMY will demonstrate the newest developments in inkjet printing  15-18 of May. We prepared not only presentations of advanced technologies, including R&D projects, but also printing process on industrial printing Maglev.

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We will start printing at the first working hours and continue this uninterrupted process till the show end. We sure that every visitor has to see and evaluate technology, speed, quality and as a result - printed images on different materials. 

More information about IQDEMY Maglev.

DPS Innovations will show some new solutions: advanced electronics not just for the newest print heads, but even for those whose release has been only announced. For example, SAMBA G3L и SAMBA GMA by FUDJIFILM and by XEROX – XEROX X SERIES.

Read a report on the official website of DPS Innovations.

Chemical laboratory of IQDEMY works consistently for new R&D projects in inkjet printing. For example, Fespa visitors will see samples and discuss the technology of Security printing. The project will be firstly showed at Fespa events - unique solutions of ink marking with quantum dots.

Quantum Dots technology - a new step in anti-counterfeiting of brand and products: perfect solutions for bank and finance documents and also brand protect. Advanced level of security with digital and offset printing. 

The quantum dots marks absorb energy in the UV spectrum, they are invisible under normal circumstances.

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More information about technology - on the official website.

IQDEMY is going to announce a new joint project of a single-pass printing solution for label market - Vigijet system.

The area of single-pass printing is the headmost direction of company developments. The project includes full-colored printing of labels as well as marking and security printing for products, brands, and documents, as of with quantum dots technology.

To receive more information about that and a host of other things: 15-18 of May, Berlin, Fespa 2018

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To arrange a meeting, please contact:

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