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     Fespa show had passed from 15 till 18 of May in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the most important events of the printing industry. The participation of IQDEMY holding remains consistent every year so this year was no exception.

     The professionals of printing industry came to one place - Germany for demonstrating all new products for visitors during 4 days.
IQDEMY company showed not only well-known technologies and batch production but also announced some new advanced project of the printing industry.
     This is the first year of Fespa when we brought samples, printed with quantum dots(QD) inks. The technology of QD we have shown a lot of time at a specialized event, but not at Fespa.
     There are many ways of QD applications and one of it is security printing on documents, banknotes or products. The code printed with QD inks is extremely difficult to decode, a mark is invisible under daylight, it fluorescents under UV light. QD is mixed with special compositions, it could be lacquer or water-based.

Fespa 1  Fespa 2

More information about QD technology in holding website - iqdemy.ch 

     Another technology sent shockwaves literally among professionals - UV glow inks. Bright neon colors, visible under any light - unbelievable new solution for the advertising industry. IQDEMY chemists developed the unique composition with special pigments for creative results of printing on UV equipment. By the way, we demonstrated glow ink printing on Maglev - IQDEMY output flagship among wide-format UV printers.

Fespa 8.jpeg

     Non-stop Maglev working for every client with industrial speed - standard technologies as well as new projects.

More about IQDEMY Maglev - on iqdemy-print.com

     IQDEMY holding team at Fespa show includes representatives of DPS Innovations - affiliated company, produced electronics and soft for printing equipment. Advanced electronics not just for the newest print heads, but even for those whose release has been only announced. For example, SAMBA G3L и SAMBA GMA by FUJIFILM and by XEROX – XEROX X SERIES.

Read a report on the official website of DPS Innovations.

     One of our announcement in Berlin is a joint project of labeling printing - Vigijet system. Five industry giants have joined for a complex solution in single pass printing. It is not only equipment with advanced electronics, but also the technology of brand marking, full colored labels printing including QD inks.

Fespa 7 Fespa 5

     It is only a small part of IQDEMY printing technologies. We have a lot of individual solutions for your needs.

     Our managers are ready to answer any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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