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 International exhibition of glass, technology and equipment was held in Moscow Expocentre in Russia from 5th till 8th of June. IQDEMY showcased printing equipment for decorating glass.

 It is well-known that glass is a durable and hygienic material, however, with the help of printing technologies it has also became very interesting for decoration purposes. IQDEMY booth represented that perfectly to the visitors of "World of Glass 2017". It was eye-catching for everyone as it was decorated with spectacular stained-glass prints, full-color images, double-sided printing, beautiful designs imitating light frost made by varnish.

Equipment shown at the booth is very interesting and not only for glass or furniture industries.

IQDEMY Evolution

It is a wide format LED–UV hybrid inkjet printer for high-quality printing of rolls and flat-sheet materials. It can be used in a wide range of industries due to side tables and roll holders. Its 1.6m effective printing width and ability to print on heavy media weighing up to 90 kg make Evolution a universal assistant for furniture, glass and advertising production.


It is an advanced flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer with up to 3 meters printing width. A powerful and highly productive solution for furniture and glass production. Its stable construction withstanding the weight up to 400kg and its reliable vacuum table that fixes material are perfect for printing on heavy but at the same time fragile glass and furniture facades.

A new IQDEMY technology of printing on anodized aluminum was presented for the first time in Russia. It caused a lot of interest not only from representatives of glass and furniture business, but also from manufacturers of facades.

In general, the exhibition was interesting and productive. Summing up, we should mention that participation in such specialized events allows to introduce printing technology to the industries where it is not as widely used. This is very promising not only for us as printing equipment manufacturers, but also for specialists in glass and furniture industries.

Due to the current level of printing technology development some production operations can be performed faster, better, at lower costs, information distribution on these opportunities allows us not only to find new customers, but also set a new, more technological vector for the development of various sectors of domestic industry.

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