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This September has been very fruitful for IQDEMY! IQDEMY and its daughter company DPS Innovations took part in a lot of events and exhibitions in September 2017.

Showroom in Minsk, Belarus 23-26 August 2017

IQDEMY holding organized showroom with the dealer POINT TECHNO in Minsk. All visitors had a chance to learn more about opportunities of UV printing and were demonstrated various samples with UV-printing on glass, mirror, ceramics, etc., 3D and precise printing. IQDEMY representatives showcased wide-format UV LED printer Maglev 1228 with up to 3 meters printing width and RICOH print heads. The construction is very stable and supports up to 400kg. Maglev prints on any material. You will be able to see various UV printed samples.

IQDEMY dealer in Argentina participated in EXPO SIGN 2017

IQDEMY dealer in Argentina RITHNER showcased in Expo Sign on 7-9 September 2017 in Buenos Aires.

DrinkTec exhibition in Munich, Germany 

IQDEMY R&D department visited DrinkTec exhibition held 11-15 September 2017 in Munich. 1700 participants from more than 20 industries: full production cycle of drinks, food and other industries, control and automatization systems, label industry, package, etc. IQDEMY demonstrated printing on aluminum and printing on labels with quantum dots, this technology helps to protect products from falsification. We had a chance to talk to a lot of potential customers and establish good connections that are important to develop our R&D projects.

Import Substitution exhibition in Moscow

12-14 September 2017 the 3d International specialized Import Substitution exhibition was held in Crocus Expo IEC Moscow, Russia. IQDEMY showcased its equipment and the latest developments in printing industry. Import Substitution exhibition demonstrates development of Russian companies’ potential to produce competitive import substitutional products and services for various industries of Russian economy. This is one of the main events in Russian market where manufacturers showcase their products and services.

Open-house in Switzerland

14-15 September 2017 IQDEMY Swiss dealer Mantel Digital hale an open-house where it showcased to the existing and potential customers printer MAGLEV 2030. Maglev is a powerful industrial solution for your business. The latest print heads by Ricoh or Konica Minolta and unique innovative system of «magnetic levitation» provide high speed printing at maximum capacity.

Bioprinting conference ICB 2017 in Zurich

15 - 16 September 2017 IQDEMY Chemicals Managing director Elena Valter and Project manager Oleg Markov visited ICB 2017 19th International Conference on Bioprinting held in Zurich, Switzerland. The ICB 2017: 19th International Conference on Bioprinting aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Bioprinting. It was a very informative and useful trip, acquired connections and knowledge will definitely help to bring IQDEMY Bioprinting project to the next level.

IMI Europe 2017 Conference

All the brand-new information about inkjet printing was on 18-21 September 2017 at IMI Europe conference in Barcelona. Our speaker Business Development Director Konstantin Kruk has just shocked the audience of printers with our developments in bioprinting and quantum dots.

Media Expo in Delhi

Media Expo-Delhi is a 3 day event being held from 22nd September to 24th September 2017 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India. This is an annual event that showcases the new developments in printing and advertising industries, printing equipment and advanced technologies.

LabelExpo in Brussels

25 - 28 September LabelExpo Europe 2017 exhibition was held in Brussels where IQDEMY managers and specialists of holding daughter company DPS Innovations showcased R&D projects. LabelExpo – Europe is the largest event around the world dedicated to label and package printing industries. Showcasing the latest label and packaging solutions, new innovations was presented with over 650 exhibitors. Label equipment, labeling products and accessories, packaging printing machineries and tools, parts and components, package printing technologies and solutions were there. R&D managers represented the newest IQDEMY solution – label printing with quantum dots. This technology is a perfect solution for security market to protect from falsification. UV-curing ink quantum dots Qinks can be applied on any material: glass, plastic, stone, metal and film.

IQDEMY Franchise - Sun Studio and Sun Studio City at BuyBrand Expo in Moscow

27 - 29 September 2017 IQDEMY was at BuyBrand EXPO in Moscow. This is one of the main events in franchising world where IQDEMY demonstrated two franchises: SUN Studio and Sun Studio City. IQDEMY Ibis printer showed UV printing on pens, notebooks, packaging materials, glass souvenirs, etc.

Reklama 2017 exhibition in Moscow

26 - 29 September 2017 IQDEMY participated in Reklama 2017 exhibition that was held in Expocentre in Moscow. IQDEMY showcased two printers: Maglev and Evo. Maglev – UV printer with high speed of printing images on plastic, cardboard, wood, glass, etc. EVO – hybrid UV-LED printer for high quality printing on roll and sheet materials. Printing width is 1.6 m, weight of material is up to 90 kg. Color gamut: CMYK + W + Lm + Lc + Varnish as an additional option.

26-28 September 2017 IQDEMY participated in C!Print exhibition in Madrid

IQDEMY dealer Plásticos Carrera showcased two printers: IQDEMY Maglev with 2*3 meters width and IQDEMY EVO with 1.6 meters width.

We should admit that this September was very productive for IQDEMY company. We demonstrated the newest technologies and R&D projects, acquired new partners and got new knowledge and experience.

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