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Magnetic levitation IQDEMY won general recognition of 12 countries at DRUPA-2016

Magnetic levitation IQDEMY won general recognition of 12 countries at DRUPA-2016

DRUPA is the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for print and crossmedia solutions. This year it was held in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 31 May through 10 June.


Some 260,000 visitors from 188 countries and some 1,900 journalists from 74 countries travelled to Düsseldorf to learn about technology innovations, further developments and new business lines. IQ Maglev printer become a real star of the IQDEMY booth. IQ Maglev is a powerful industrial manufacturing solution with the most modern printing head by Ricoh and a unique innovative system of «magnetic levitation», embedded in the carriage motion system. «Magnetic levitation» system provides high drop accuracy and removes all possible image noise. Visitors were able to observe Maglev in the process and see it for yourself that IQ Maglev has extreme speed printing at maximum capacity. The printer is made on the development facilities in Siberia, which has experience in engineering design in the aerospace and defense industry for over 40 years.

Printer has solid metal frame, carriage can contain up to 7 Ricoh GEN5 print heads, two of which can be used for the white color with a recirculation system for preventing sedimentation of pigments and print heads ink damage. Honeycomb desktop is divided into 6 vacuum zones with the possibility of independent work of each of them - to reduce power consumption of the printer. DRUPA visitors were able to appreciate that everything that is done in Siberia - is done for a full due: IQ Maglev warranty is 10 years!

The main objective of IQDEMY at DRUPA is to increase number of dealers. The result of DRUPA is impressive: 12 countries representatives have made agreements already: Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Poland, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Sweden.

Why dealers choose us:

  • Because we provide marketing support,
  • We are always in touch and can quickly answer all questions,
  • We have developed a unique franchise "package" for our equipment: it will allow our dealers to expand their sales market and increase sales marginality.

DRUPA proved once again that professionals all over the world trust IQDEMY.


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