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Only 5 days left!

Only 5 days left!

Only 5 days left till the most important event of the Russian advertising industry this autumn – 24th international exhibition in advertising industry “Reklama 2016” will be held in Moscow Expocentre from 28th till 30th of September. 

IQDEMY will present the best novelties and latest developments at the booth FD070:



IQDEMY solvent (light & eco), sublimation and UV inks are developed for the industrial printing with such qualities as high stability and resistance. The composition of inks is created for the careful usage of printheads. The usage of these inks allows to recover 15 – 20% of clogged nozzles. High concentration of fine grind pigment reduces the inks consumption. High lightfastness of the BASF pigments, which are used in light- and eco-solvent inks, is rated 7 out of 8 possible levels on the blue wool scale.

IQDEMY UV inks are highly frost-resistant (more than 5 years during annual average temperature drop of 60 0С), lightfastness, heat resistance (up to 1800С; up to 200-2500С during the short-term heating up to 30 seconds).

IQDEMY inks can be used in a wide range of printheads:

  • Solvent (light and eco) - EPSON DX4, DX5, DX6, DX7, Konica Minolta, Seiko, GEN2220; drop size from 3 pl to 42 pl
  • UV inks - Konica Minolta, Spectra, Toshiba, EPSON DX5, DX6, DX7, GEN3, GEN4, GEN5; drop size from 3 pl to 42 pl±10%.
  • Sublimation inks - DX5, DX6, DX7, GEN2220; drop size from 3 pl to 21±2pl.



IQ Maglev – wide format UV printer is the star of our catalogue. "Magnetic levitation" technology integrated into the carriage motion system provides fast but smooth carriage acceleration and deceleration. UV LED Ink curing blocks from DPS Innovations with extra-long service life up to 10,000 hours. CMYK color scheme in 1 printhead. Drop size of 3,5 pl, white ink recirculation system, ink residue level sensors. Solid metal frame, print table width (up to 3 m), 6 vacuum zones with the possibility of independent work of each of them.

Powerful, precise, reliable and productive decision for the advertising production on any materials, such as plastic, cardboard, wood, glass, etc., - can be converted into other industries without reconfiguration of the equipment!

IQ Speedster – sublimation printer equipped with Ricoh GH2220 printhead and the most effective control electronics by DPS Innovations company, minimum droplet size 2.5 pl provides high definition image quality, print head is suitable to work with different types of ink and is able to print on various materials, such as sublimation heat transfer paper, PVC film, vinyl, synthetic fabric. Printing table width – up to 1,8 m, print speed from 20 m2/hour High Speed to 80 m2/hour High Speed.

IQ Ibis – direct inkjet printer, UV inks CMYK+W; Ricoh GH2220 print heads; maximum size of material 90x60 cm. Created for the high definition printing, accurate and precise details printing with the material’s thickness up to 28 cm. Wide range of materials can be used for printing, such as metal, PVC, acrylic, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood etc.

New Sun Studio franchise format – Sun Stuio City franchise

Sun Studio City is a special franchise based on souvenir production with the use of compact and productive UV printer designed for printing on any flat material such as wood, plastic, glass, leather, ceramic tile, metal, stone etc. Sun Studio City franchise can be implemented in 2 formats – spot in a shopping mall or as a complete separate studio art shop. More information about franchise IQDEMY.

Would you like to know more? Visit the IQDEMY booth FD070 in the exhibition “Reklama 2016” in Expocentre Moscow from 28th till 30th of September. Our managers will give you full answers on any questions!


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