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Report on the participation in the exhibition «Reklama 2016»

Report on the participation in the exhibition «Reklama 2016»

From 28th till 30th of September Moscow Expocentre hosted the largest specialized exhibition in Russia and CIS region "Reklama 2016", which brought together manufacturers of advertising products. IQDEMY company presented at this exhibition printing equipment, new inks and new Sun Studio City franchise concept. The events of these days are presented in a reviews by IQDEMY specialists who took part in the exhibition.


Sergey Tyrov, Executive Director

Our company started preparations for this most important event of the Russian advertising market since the summer. We wanted to show our new products and diversified equipment and, in principle, it has turned out. Through an organized marketing support and preparatory work made by sales department we wanted our customers to go to our booth with a goal in their mind. Many customers are looking for solutions for specific manufacturing problems, advice on practical issues.

As manufacturer of printing equipment, we can offer to our customers not only the standardized products, but also customized design, different control electronics and etc. We can develop special coatings and inks under the customer's request. We have all the necessary facilities and resources for this. Practice shows that this opportunity is in demand on the Russian market.

 In September, 2016 chemical and scientific laboratory of IQDEMY was opened in Novosibirsk

During three days of exhibition we had people who were looking for a technology solution for specific production problem. Someone needed a printer for food processing, someone needed technology for printing images on aluminum cover - and we can offer high-performance equipment for everyone.

I must say that the printing equipment at "Reklama 2016" was presented in a relatively modest scale, although many major players in the Russian market presented their printers: Vremena Goda, GMP RussKom, Zenon.


I think that the exhibition was successful for us, we showed our latest technologies, established important contacts. Naturally, the result can be fully appreciated only within a few months, when the interest in our products would grow into real sales.

Denis Vorobyev, Head of "Ink & Supplies"


The results of participation in "Reklama 2016" exceeded the expectations, general impression is positive. It was an interesting event, this exhibition attracted quite diverse companies: suppliers of advertising, printing, milling and laser equipment, LED Advertising constructions.

As for keen interest of visitors to our Maglev printer - the phrase "magnetic levitation" makes a magical effect, some expect that it really flies without beams and other guides. Final results of participation will be clear in a couple of months, but for now we can say that a direct communication with specialists of the advertising industry has been fruitful and very interesting for us.


Andrei Yeremenko, Regional Manager North-West Federal District

The exhibition was very interesting, especially in terms of communication with potential customers - these three days have been very productive. There were visitors who wanted to buy supplies "right now, from the booth." Also our "magnetic levitation" is very attractive. Printing is very impressive, especially printed large letters on our booth.


Anna Petyalina, Lead Coordinator IQDEMY 


"Reklama 2016" was very fruitful: we found new contacts, learned more about customers' needs, new direction for developing of our activities became clear. We founded new suppliers of materials, this information can help our franchise studios. For me as Sun Studio franchise Coordinator these three days were very useful. I talked to franchisees, saw live nuances of printing process which they face every day, of course, it will help in the future.

The number of customers was higher than expected, even we run out of staples in the stapler, samples were popular like hotcakes in the kinder garden, tongue tied, but we continued to smile and communicate tirelessly with new and new visitors, аnd it paid off. There were some interesting business acquaintances: with Blueprint Alisa representatives, with a company specializing in the production of theatrical scenery, with a potential customer who is looking for the optimal technology for printing images on the aluminum can.

Interest of visitors was quite different: someone interested in printing technology in general, someone more interested in the more specific questions concerning our primers or counseling professional chemists of our company. The Maglev has been in the spotlight on our booth, obvious fact that this printer is assembled in Russia attracted everyone's attention. Many visitors returned more than once with additional questions on a variety of subjects: the inks, printers, service and franchise.


Among stands of other exhibitors I was most interested in heat Press Machine of Forda Company for image transfer on the tiles, the result is a glossy, clear, very beautiful image. Also wide choice of textiles for printing from the Fabrex Company, it may be useful for our Sun Studios, as many of them print on textiles.

Other interesting things I saw: laser cutting machine for wood and metal, Swiss pens with resource of 5 kilometers, individual Christmas tree decorations, Christmas garlands, huge advertising LED-displays, print media, and much more!

There were also quite funny things that will surely find its consumers: particularly corporate posters and notepads in the dudling technique familiar to many for anti-stress colouring book for adults; as well as advertising painting technique – "string art", where an image is formed using the colored threads stretched over the small cloves; and finally speaking 3D holograms.


These three days were very special for us as a team. I am glad that all visitors received answers to their questions, and we got a great experience of team interaction. It is responsible, joyful and exciting to represent the company at such significant events. Thanks to the whole team, it was unforgettable!

Eugenia Lugovtsova, Head of "Equipment and the Franchise"


"Reklama 2016" was extremely productive event for IQDEMY company. We communicated with a lot of visitors, built and nurtured customer relationships. It is not often we have the opportunity to meet so many interesting people in one place in such short time.  As for the exhibitors, the printing equipment represented in expo was quite expected, however, compared with the previous year some of the big players in the market were missing, but there were new names.


Baharev Alexey, Regional manager Ural Federal District

"Reklama 2016" greatly exceeded expectations, which is good news. As a result, we got a lot of useful contacts and acquaintances. Thanks to communication with many different people in one place many practical issues became clear for me. This knowing is very important for the successful organization of sales. Knowing real needs of our customers helps us to make more personalized offers in each case.

Holomansky Semyon, Regional manager Siberian Federal District


I think the most important is that in the "Reklama 2016" we showed our equipment with our ink in real operating conditions. Demonstration gives a stronger effect than commercial offer detailed in an e-mail or by telephone. Communication process never interrupted during these days, it happened often that simultaneously 4-5 people were asking questions.

One of the most interesting customers in my experience was a manufacturer of gingerbreads, which needed a printer with edible ink, and we as a manufacturer of printers and inks could satisfy his demand.


Darya Vorobyeva, Head of marketing and web-development department


The first day of the exhibition immediately surprised. People were waiting at the turnstiles at the entrance of the exhibition before it began! As soon as the first person came by our booth the events began to move with such speed that it was impossible to keep up with everything.


The most interesting things on the other booths of expo «Reklama 2016»:

  • car wrapping – it wasn’t particularly innovative, but extremely spectacular;
  • lens-shaped films for printing stereo images and animation effects;
  • image, covered with sequins duplicate the same printed image. Sequins create volume and an interesting dynamic effect, the picture literally comes to life;
  • films for image heat transferring to textile, demonstrated directly on the finished products, it was very attractive definitely;
  • high quality LED panels, even from a short distance the image looked solid, not pixel.


Completely different persons visited our booth, someone with a practical interest, with specific production problem to be solved; someone just wanted to print something for themselves; someone simply "just curious about the price', even without a specific purpose. The most unusual conversation I had with two young girls who were attracted not by equipment but our sales skills. They was wondering where one could "learn to do as well as you do," a rather unusual experience, but very interesting and emotional.


I think that our team had proved itself at 100%, for this I would like to thank each member of the team. It was not always easy, but we all caught fire and inspired our guests. Managers were always tuned to the customer - It's such an incredible feeling when each and every stand together. And it is very important that we got here not only the results for the company as a whole, but also for ourselves, for the working group.


As to engineers…

Those who are hardly ever seen full-face in the photo, busy with something. Engineering Service job is not always visible to outside observers, but it is their work is in center of exhibiting success. As the saying runs "No matter how good printer is, if there is a problem in its functioning the true cause of it is usually at a distance of one meter from it".


Each exhibition is a proving of speed and strength of engineering services. And this time, engineers Eugene Bezuglov, Evgeny Makarov, Alexander Zapreev once again demonstrated the high level of discipline, concentration and physical endurance. 

Alexander Zapreev, Quality Control Engineer


The exhibition was hard-won. On ten-point scale I tired somewhere in the 28 points. Of all the exhibitions I've seen only our Maglev.

During the exhibition, the most unexpected was the request to "make the cat glasses" that seemed quite interesting, because I have never printed for cats. This request seemed interesting and creative to me, which will open a new category of products for pets! Imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was not about "glasses for the cat" but "cat's eyes glasses”, which means an elongated shape of glasses frames.


12 hours of heavy work rest – in general this is how we, engineers, spent these three days. Thanks to our associates for their emotional counselling, friendly cheering and sandwiches!


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