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IQDEMY SA cooperates with 5 companies for joint work of singular package solution for product marking.

A milestone project had been launched in August 2017 between IQDEMY SA, DPS Innovations, mantel digital AG, Matti Group, Caldera, and Vigitek.

As early as December 2017, our team represented the outcomes of the joint contact as single-pass equipment VigiJet at the LabelExpo ASIA in Shanghai.

VigiJet team

The project consists not only of a printer, electronics, software, but also development of Quantum dot printing technology.

VigiJet is single pass printer for security marking including Quantum dot inks.

VigiJet is package solution with complex customization for your industry. One pass printer VigiJet can be used as an individual item of equipment or can be integrated with your production line.

VigiJet is a unique ready-to-print solution for high-precision and fast printing with Quantum dot inks to achieve new edges in decoration and security of your products. Producers will be able to refuse another mark using marks with quantum dots inks. Such security code is extremely difficult for a copy. It is invisible under daylight.

Developers and engineers of each team company permanently are improving printer and technology in general. The technology has specific features, we can offer individual solutions, developed to meet the needs of your manufacture.

IQDEMY has the experience to handle similar projects.

VigiJet is the regular solution for mark industry, following customized TechJet printer, which also can be integrated with machinery in your production chain or use as single equipment.

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