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SUN Studio worldwide: Aloxyd AG company in Grosshöchstetten

One of the most outstanding “unique technology” examples is Aloxyd AG company in Grosshöchstetten.
According to Aloxyd AG company’s history, between 1935 and 1941, the La Centrale watch case manufacturing company in Biel/Bienne offered surface engineering services, including anodised aluminium signs. The company's anodising department was spun off on 23 June 1942 to become Aloxyd AG, a legally independent entity.

In 2015 Aloxyd launched a new and innovative service under the name AloxPrint: printing on aluminium, glass and more. Much of it is owed to Aloxyd AG and IQDEMY partnership: early in the year Evolution GT 1.6 was installed.

IQDEMY Evolution has been manufactured by IQDEMY for several years and received a recognition on production in many countries. IQ Evo - hybrid printer, which is primarily designed for the printing market on flexible materials. Additionally to it may be equipped with special supporting tables, then the printer can print on hard materials up to 90 kg.

AloxPrint make a specialty out of printing technology for aluminium and glass. How it works: cutting-edge printers provide contactless inkjet printing using digital templates. The process occurs at a nano scale when printing on aluminium: the ink is adsorbed by the material's micropores, after which the surface is subjected to a sealing treatment. This "sub-anodic" or "sub-eloxal" printing process has the advantage that the ink becomes part of the surface and cannot be scratched off or damaged by extraneous factors.

In addition to their own technology, AloxPrint with IQ Evo obtained:
• Impressive print quality and speed
• Around-the-clock printing
• White ink recirculation
• Compactness
• 8 channels in every machine
• Powerful torge system
• Extra-high carriage lift
• Vacuum belt

These specifications allow to print everything and anything on any surface: exquisitely and durably printed aluminium and glass elements offer a wealth of creative opportunities, including in interior design, stand construction and shopfitting, POS materials, furniture design, sign making, labelling and waymarking, and packaging design.

AloxPrint shows especial customer-oriented approach:
• We endeavour to build and maintain enduring customer relations.
• Quality for us is more than what we produce – it's the fact that the customer comes back.
• The range of colors we offer is vast and versatile – and unique in Europe.
• We strive to be a reliable partner when it comes to dimensionally stable anodisation.

AloxPrint mission is very close to our goals. Our equipment is not only printheads and number of electronics. It is somebody’s windows, doors, watches, furniture or business start.

Are you wish to be like AloxPrint? We wish you to be the part of our Sun Studio team!

According to AloxPrint website

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