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The IQDEMY chemical laboratory is going to be opened in Novosibirsk soon

New production approach is popular In the IQDEMY: it is based on research studying. This fundamentally new approach appeared via dynamic progress in jet-printing industry.


The IQDEMY chemical laboratory has unique production possibilities, that’s why there will be not only current production technologies realized but state-of-the-art ink formula with special characteristics will be developed.

Computer-aided production laboratory is able to produce up to 400 liters of inks per month. Laboratory is fitted with advanced equipment to carry out the whole UV-curable inks production cycle: paste pigment preparation; dispersion, filtration, tin filling. Special chemically-stable canister for inks was developed by IQDEMY chemists. This ink canister take proper account inks chemical formulation and inks storage stability.

The IQDEMY chemical laboratory uses only high quality European components in the production of goods. Among suppliers are: BASF, Clariant, IGM, Rahn, Altana, Kronos, Evonik. These suppliers prove themselves as the most reputable representatives of printing industry. In addition to the IQDEMY chemical laboratory Showroom will be opened. Here the most advanced and popular IQDEMY UV-printers will be presented. Printing test-check and samples demonstration will be available at Showroom too.

The IQDEMY chemical laboratory primary objectives are:

  • technical processes control and optimization,
  • materials incoming control,
  • final production control,
  • Jet-printing upcoming trends monitoring,
  • working on UV-curable inks formulae such as neon inks, thermochromic inks, electrochromic inks, photoelectric ink based on nanocellulose/CdS quantum dots,
  • development of transparent acrylic finish for covering protection,
  • development of edible inks for food printing,
  • bioprinting technology researching: bioprinter development in collaboration with DPS engineers,
  • specialized biogels development with human cells conglomerates,
  • analysis of Ink production for direct textiles printing,
  • inks for anodized aluminum development, conductive inks based on nano-dispersed particles of silver and copper development.

The biggest part of chemical laboratory production is chemical conversion coatings, varnishes, primers, fixing agents and other printing goods production. This laboratory is fitted with advanced equipment. Total staffing is 7 highly qualified chemists with research institutes and chemical industries background.

The IQDEMY chemical laboratory work closely with N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry Of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Infrared spectroscopy and magnetic resonance spectroscopy joint researches are expected in the very near future.


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