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Two days in Milan: approach the European leather industry

Two days in Milan: approach the European leather industry

 In the last days of February two international events high profile for leather industry took place in Milan. The most important events for leather-goods production and tanning industry. The Regional Sales Director Ekaterina Murashkina presented the possibilities of IQDEMY equipment in this new for company, but promising market.

 Lineapelle took place from 21 to 23 February immediately after it Simac Tanning Tech took place from 23 to 25 February. In sum, they are the most significant event not only for the Italian manufacturers of footwear, bags, leather accessories and leather-cloth, but also for the entire European market.

Since 1981 Lineapelle as an international benchmark fair for the luxury industry, fashion system and manufacture of fashion accessories. The 1,198 exhibitors came away from Lineapelle 92 with a very positive impression, resulting from how negotiations were managed with an increasingly more select clientele who was, even more importantly, focused on the product: lots of real interest and plenty of quality. It was large and representational event it was possible to see the expositions of not only leather and enterprises for the production of shoes and bags, but also a wide range of associated products: prime coatings for the treatment of leather, pigments, chemical components and various solutions.

Simac Tanning Tech is a more specialized event of machinery and technology for the footwear, leather-goods and tanning industry. Simac Tanning Tech is less massively visited than Lineapelle, but by means of it manufacturers of footwear and accessories can personally evaluate the latest innovations of equipment for the manufacture of leather products.

As manufacturer of printing equipment IQDEMY was more interested by Lineapelle, because there different technology’s of leather decorating were presented. Currently the most popular technology of leather decorating is the screen printing, which looks impressive and expensive.


Inkjet printing is not yet widespread (only 10% of the market) but this technology is very interesting for manufacturers in the long view. Rare booths with the inkjet attracted attention of visitors

Of course, this technology still takes time to occupy its niche in leather production, adhesion and resistance to abrasion extremely worried manufacturers but it means that the technology should be developed and specialized for this industry, it will open prospects for development of Inkjet technology generally.

Among the leather samples printed on equipment IQDEMY a lively interest was caused by examples of printing with volume. This is a truly unique solution for the industry, which allows reproducing the effect of embossing, at the moment there are no analogues of such technology on the market.


kondratieva olga

Top manager of dealer network development Ms. Kondratieva Olga

Milan, shoes, probably every woman dreams of such a combination. But the past events are not about "beauty", but about "business", although Inherently there were many beautiful things. Our company invest in visits not specialized printing events, because this is the only way to expand the company's presence on the market.

Intensive days in Milan showed that printing technologies have the potential in the production of leather goods. For us, this was the first test, but in my opinion, the start was successful: there were identify questions that we need to work on.

The most important that inkjet printing solutions in the leather industry inconsiderable in number, but there is a need for manufacturers. For us, this is an motivation to develop and improve technology, it is possible that in the future we will prepare a specialized fully integrated solution. The main thing is that there is a promising perspective for development!

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