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We invite you to visit our booth at APPPEXPO 2013!

IQDEMY Company invites you to APPPEXPO, the largest advertising exhibition in the world. Visit us on booths 001 and 535!


IQDEMY Company invites you to visit APPPEXPO 2013, the largest event for professionals in the printing and advertising markets! Traditionally, the exhibition will be held in Shanghai at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the most suitable place for such an important and large-scale event.

An international team of IQDEMY will represent several possibilities at once for the development of your business:

IQDEMY Maglev, the world's first UV printer based on magnetic levitation. Due to this unique technology, IQDEMY Maglev has a 10-year warranty!
IQDEMY SWS + and IQDEMY SWS Glass, high quality equipment for UV printing on ceramic tile and glass, respectively. These printers are designed and manufactured by the SWS branch of IQDEMY and are the best combination of quality and price in the international wide-format printing equipment market.
Share in the joint business of IQDEMY, international dealer centers selling printing equipment, consumables, and franchises. Today, you have a real opportunity to become a co-owner of a profitable business in Singapore, Beijing and London!

Contact us to plan your visit:

See you on the booths 001 and 535!

Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (No.2345 Long Yang Road, Shanghai, PRChina)


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