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About company IQDEMY

IQDEMY has been working in the large format printing market since 1998. From that moment we have done much from reselling the equipment by other brands to manufacturing of our own wide format printing systems. The engineering started in 2003 and within 3 years, in 2006, we presented to the professional community a first in the world piezo inkjet full colored printer with UV LED curing system and got a patent for our invention.


Today the IQDEMY company, in collaboration with one of the leading manufacturers of control electronics for wide format printers, DPS Innovations, produces UV LED and eco-solvent printing systems. Together with our dealership centers in Hong-Kong, Guangzhou, New-York, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Paris and Tbilisi we have already sold more than 5000 machines in 70 countries, and our franchising network SUN Studio - chain of large format UV printing centers - today numbers 130 studios in 25 countries.


IQDEMY printing machines make it possible to print images on rigid and flexible materials: we offer to our clients universal UV-curable inks of Swiss quality and safe (for the environment and printheads) eco-solvent ink.








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