IQDEMY Speedster GH2220

IQDEMY Speedster GH2220

  • Ricoh GH2220
  • Enhanced by Ricoh GH2220 Affordable solution for the highest quality and speed
  • Perfected by DPS Innovations
  • Leading electronics provides stable and flawless printing 24/7
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    Affordable printing system to print on textile using sublimation technology. The main feature of Speedster series is innovative, efficient and quality Ricoh GH2220 print head.

    With up to 12 print heads applicable for sublimation inks, aqueous inks or eco-solvent ink , Speedster provides you with ultra-high printing speed and great accuracy. You will achieve the maximum resolution due to the minimum droplet size of 3pl.

    The printer is designed and assembled by qualified specialists in printing industry, equipped with the most effective control electronics by DPS Innovations company and runs Caldera RIP solution.

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