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How is UV ink packed?

The ink is packed in non-transparent 1 litre containers protected from UV lights.

Where is ink manufactured?

The ink is produced against IQDEMY order by famous European manufacturer.

Is it possible to replace empty container with the full one during the printing?

Yes, it is possible due to continuous ink supply system and specially designed packing.

What is the average ink consumption for 1 sq. m.?

The average UV ink consumption for 1 sq.m. (printed without 3D effect) is about 20 ml of all ink in total.

How should be the empty ink container disposed?

Since the empty ink containers can contain small amount of unused ink, they should be disposed according to local regulations of your region.

What is the purpose of flushing liquid and how often should it be used?

Flushing liquid is not used while printing. It is used for flushing of ink channels (for long-term parking of printer) and for daily and weekly print heads maintenance. The average flushing liquid consumption is 1 litre per 1 month.

Does UV ink have a strong odor? Is a special ventilation and air filtration required?

No. Since IQDEMY UV ink does not contain toxic volatile compounds and does not have strong specific odor, a special ventilation is not required. The standard office ventilation system is enough.

What is the shelf-life of UV ink?

The ink shelf-life takes 12 calendar months from production date. It should be stored in a dark room, the storage temperature is +5 - +35°C.

How is UV ink cured?

The ink is cured by UV radiation immediately after contact with the surface. After curing, the printed image can be put into further work or used for other purposes.

What is lifetime of print heads?

The operational period of Konica Minolta print heads is 1,5-2 years.

What procedures should be carried out to maintain the print heads in good condition?

Some daily procedures are required to allow the print heads work perfectly for a long time. These procedures are described in detail in service journal.

What happens, if the ink is cured just in print heads?

In contrast to the solvent ink, UV ink cannot be dissolved again, so if the cured ink blocks the print head nozzles completely, the print head needs to be replaced.

What additional consumables are supplied with the printer?

Primer for better adhesion for glass, ceramics or mirror printing. Flushing liquid for ink channels and print heads flushing. Air and fine filters, pads and napkins for cleaning.

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