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What is the printing prime cost of one square meter (of a product)?

The printing prime cost is [1, 4 euro/m² with ink price 70 euro/l] and consumption 20 ml/m²

What is the size of the room necessary for the installation of IQDEMY UV-printer?

Depending on the model, the room of 70 to 100 m² is required. It is enough to place the printer and a table for prepress of the material. A list of detailed requirements for the room, service lines and temperature-and-humidity conditions is attached to the delivery contract.

What are the markets of UV-printers application?

The equipment is ideal for the printing on materials, used in furniture and glass manufacture, interior design, architecture and construction.

Who is a manufacturer of the printers?

The printing systems are developed and manufactured by a company IQDEMY. The company has its engineering department and industrial complexes situated in Switzerland, China and Russia.

How many colors are used on a UV-printer?

It is possible to vary different color schemes: CMYK, CMYKLcLm, CMYK + W, CMYKLcLm+W with one or two print heads per a color. Also it is possible to add a print head with Varnish.

Is it possible to print a colorful image with White color at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. As a print head with White color is put forward from a main printing range, the printing with White color is done together with color ink at the same time.

Do IQDEMY UV-printers have a possibility to work in roll-to-roll mode?

Yes, they do. The SWISS model has an additional function R2R to work with flexible materials with printing width 2,1m and 2,5 m.

Does a R2R function have a possibility to print on several coils at the same time?

No, a printer can work with one coil only.

Is a R2R function for roll printing equipped by a tape dope?

Yes, the R2R function for roll printing is equipped by a tape dope.

What is the maximum image size on rigid and flexible materials (with R2R function)?

The maximum width depends on the printer model: For flexible materials the maximum size is 2,1 m and 2,5 m (R2R) For rigid materials the maximum size is 2x3 m

Is it possible to print edge-to-edge on the materials?

Yes, it is possible to print within the whole material width without any shifts.

What is a warranty for a UV-printer?

The IQDEMY printers have a warranty from 2 to 10 years.

What ink is used on UV-printers?

The IQDEMY UV-ink. It is suitable either for interior and exterior usage. The permanence and environmental durability is 5 years. The ink price is [70 euro].

Should an operator observe special precautions during the work with UV-printer?

In liquid state the ink can cause the eye and skin irritation. The operator should wear safety gloves and glasses during the work with ink.

Is it necessary to install an air filtration system in the room?

Yes, because during the prepress the material should be treated by alcohol-containing liquids which have a smell. The maintenance of the printer requires solvent which also has a smell. Besides, the air filtration allows keeping needed humidity in the room.

Is it necessary to keep temperature and humidity in work room on a certain level?

Yes, the humidity should be 30-80% without condensate formation, it is recommended to keep 45-75% to avoid problems caused by static electricity on the material. The temperature should be +21- +27°C

It is known that White color tends to sink, how is this problem solved on the IQDEMY printing systems?

It is true, due to the composition of White color, during non-working state more heavy components sink on walls of ink tract and it can cause a complete or partial replacement. To avoid this problem the IQDEMY printing systems use a circulation system of White ink.

Does each color require a separate UV-LED block?

No, there are two UV-LED blocks on each carriage side. The blocks work above the material and in other cases turn off for their long lifetime increase and safety of the operator.

What materials can be used for UV-printing?

The UV-printing systems can work with any rigid and flexible materials suiting the size. At the moment tests have shown a qualitative printing on dozens of materials, such as polypropylene, organic glass, linen, polystyrene, wood, glass, reflective surface, metal, leather, textileleather, stone, stretch ceiling, banners, paper, net and many more.

What is a maximum thickness of the material?

The possible maximum thickness is [100 mm], that is enough for work with different materials.

What is a possible size of plate material?

On flatbed printing systems the material size is limited by the printing field (2x3m).

Can the material shift regarding initial point during the printing process?

No, it cannot, as all the printers have an attached vacuum table that does not let the material shift

Is it possible to carry out postprinting treatment directly after the printing?

Yes, UV-ink is cured enough for postprinting treatment, such as cutting, lamination, varnishing, packaging , etc.

Is it possible to print on glass and reflective surface?

Yes, it is possible to print on glass, acryl, reflective surface, tile. For a qualitative result it is recommended to use Primer for adhesion amelioration, as well clean the material surface by isopropyl alcohol.

Is it possible to print on rough, paneled, grooved surfaces?

Yes, it is, you can print on rough and grooved materials, for qualitative printing level difference should not exceed 2 mm. It is possible to print on materials with cavities up to 5 mm, but the image resolution is less high in this places.

What RIP do the printers work with?

The IQDEMY printers are supplied with Caldera software.

Does the IQDEMY company provide with profiles for printing on different materials?

Yes, along with the equipment supply you gain several ICC profiles for the most popular materials.

Is it necessary to carry out any procedures to maintain the condition of a print head?

Yes, daily procedures are required to make the print heads qualitative work for a long time. Such procedures are given in the examination record book.

Is it possible to turn off the printer on night?

Yes, it is.

How is it possible to ensure a stable power supply for the printer?

To ensure a stable power supply it is recommended to install a no-break power battery with 3kwt

What additional consumables are supplied for the printers?

Primers for adhesion amelioration during the printing on glass, reflective surfaces, ceramics. Solvent for the cleaning of tracks and print heads. Filters for air cleaning and polishing. Wads and cloths for wiping.

How much is the commissioning of a printer?

The commissioning is free; an engineer provides with the installation and link-up, test printing on different materials and teaches your worker to use the equipment. The expenses not included are travel costs and accommodation of the engineer.

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