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IQDEMY holding produces and supplies UV inks for different types of print heads: Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Spectra, Toshiba, and other.

With 14+ years experience in UV printing and creating high quality inks. We provide versatile solutions compatible with most industrial printheads. Having soft and eco basis our inks prolong nozzle. Lifetime and expand possible applications. Saturated and bright colors of our inks make any printing just better. 



more than 10 years indoor/ 2+ years outdoor

Our UV inks have lightfastness rate 7 out of 8 on the Blue Wool Scale giving you possibility to use prints outdoors not worrying about fading for years.



Range of possible to all climate zones compatibility -60˚C +80˚C. Great humidity resistance allow to use inks everywhere without any issues.



more than 180˚C

The ink withstands temperatures up to +180˚C continuously and up +250˚C short-term fitting thermoforming needs.

UV ink
For Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Spectra and other print heads with drop size 2-45pl
Super flexible UV inks with excellent adhesion to polymeric metarials.
For Ricoh, Kyocera, and other print heads with drop size 3-10pl



Low consumption


Service Center Support


Warranty for Printed Heads


4-stage quality control



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