EVO 2500

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Key Advantages:
IQDEMY Evolution is manufactured by IQDEMY more than six years and proved as a reliable versatile machine capable to print on flexible and rigid materials.
IQDEMY Evolution with a robust hybrid setup to print on all kinds of materials.
Special design supports expandable side tables making the printer truly compact and versatile.
Affordable industrial solution for high load production with minimal attention and maintenance required.
Module upgrade available
Any printheads: from Ricoh to Kyocera
Top view
Main view
On Assembly Line
Main Specifications
Feeding system: Hybrid
Printing heads: Ricoh Generation 5
Number of printheads: up to 8 pcs
Colour Scheme: Any combination of 8 colours
Ink Supply System: Continuous, with subtanks
Vacuum: 5 independent zones
Printing Heads
Standard equipment: 3 Ricoh Gen5
Maximum equipment: 8 Ricoh Gen5
Droplet size: 3,5-21 pL
Variable Dot printing: Supported
Printheads Cleaning System: Automatic
White Inks Circulation System: Supported
Printing Speed ( x3 Ricoh GEN 5 )
508 X 1200 dpi: 32 sq.m.\h
508 X 1800 dpi: 20 sq.m.\h
508 X 2400 dpi: 15 sq.m.\h
Printing Speed ( x6 Ricoh GEN 5 )
508 X 1200 dpi: 62 sq.m.\h
508 X 1800 dpi: 39 sq.m.\h
508 X 2400 dpi: 30 sq.m.\h
Additional Specifications
Max. Material weight : up to 100 kg
Material thickness : up to 200 mm for sheets, up to 1 mm for roll materials
RIP-station: Caldera
Power supply : 220 V ± 10%, 5,5 КWt
Dimensions, mm: 4600 X 4000 X 2570
Weight nett: 1200 kg