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Key Advantages:
The stone base, rigid table and printer portal dampen any vibration.
Line accuracy up to 15 microns, maximum resolution 2540 dpi
The highest printing speed in the class of precision equipment
High Resolution Height Detector
Patented curing system based on powerful four crystal LEDs
The short-wave UV radiation of the UVC range is used to pre-clean the material from organic contaminants and improve adhesion.
Excimer lamp - short-wave UV radiation of the UVC range is used for preliminary purification of material from organic contaminants
Secured Paper
Silver Inks
Quantum Dots with 3D
Super Thin 3D
Metal with Quantum Dots
Film with Quantum Dots
Credit Cards
Security Printing
Super Thin Printing
Neon Inks
Main Specifications
Feeding system: Flatbed
Print Dimentions: 620 Х 620 mm
Printing heads: Ricoh MH 5420/5440/5220
Number of printheads: up to 5 pcs
Возможность 3D печати: Supported, error over the entire length of the working field ± 0.1 mm, regardless of the image length
Colour Scheme: CMYK+W+V+L2+L3+QD+Neon
Antistatic: Supported
Printing Speed (2 PHs for each colour)
1200 Х 900 dpi: 12 sq.m.\h
1200 Х 1200 dpi: 9 sq.m.\h
Printing Heads
Drop size for MH 5420/5440: 7 - 35 pL
Drop size for MH 5220: 2,5 - 9 pL
Variable Dot printing: Supported
Printheads Cleaning System: Automatic
Curing system for UV inks: UV-LED Units by IQDEMY
Ink Supply System
Inks Circulation System: Yes, for all colours
Continuous Ink Supply: Yes
Maintaining Working Pressure: Negative pressure control system
Supported Inks: Solvent, UV, Neon, Varnish, Quantum . Dots
Ink thermal stabilization: Yes
Additional Characteristics
Power supply: 220 V ± 10%, 5,5 КWt
Insulation / Shielding: Interference-proof cables, made in Germany