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Key Advantages:
The printer is equipped with a powerful linear motor unbeatable by traditional mechanic solutions.
Improved waveform system allows IQ Maglev to print dots of different sizes in a single cycle.
Constant circulation system allows forgetting about ‘white head’ clogging issue.
Extended warranty of 5 years for control electronics and UV-LED.
All-metal welded frame can withstand heavy media up to 600kg.
Every MAGLEV is ready for 8 colors printing, get CMYK+W and then just add print heads to have +LM +LC +V when needed.
4 vacuum zones
Powerful Vacuum System
Reliable UV-LED Units
Easy Maintenance
Robust Controllers
Linear Drive
Safety Systems
Front view
Main Specifications
Feeding system: Flatbed
Printing heads: Ricoh Generation 5
Number of printheads: up to 10 pcs
Colour Scheme: Any combination of 8 colours
Ink Supply System: Continuous, with subtanks
Vacuum: 4 independent zones
Printing Heads
Standard equipment: 3 Ricoh Gen5
Maximum equipment: 10 Ricoh Gen5
Droplet size: 3,5-21 pL
Variable Dot printing: Supported
Printheads Cleaning System: Semi-automatic
White Inks Circulation System: Supported
Printing Speed ( x3 Ricoh GEN 5 )
508 X 1200 dpi: 42 sq.m.\h
508 X 1800 dpi: 26 sq.m.\h
508 X 2400 dpi: 15 sq.m.\h
Printing Speed ( x6 Ricoh GEN 5 )
508 X 1200 dpi: 71 sq.m.\h
508 X 1800 dpi: 39 sq.m.\h
508 X 2400 dpi: 23 sq.m.\h
Additional Specifications
Max. Material weight: up to 600 kg
Material thickness: 0.1 mm - 100 mm
RIP-station: Caldera
Power supply: Three-phase 380 V, 7 kWt
Dimensions, mm: 3900 X 4000 X 1600
Weight nett: 1500 kg