IQDEMY Service Center

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REPAIRof printing, milling equipment and laser machines.
DIAGNOSTICSof technical condition of the equipment.
PROFILING-BUILDof color profiles for large format printers.
TRAININGof customers stuff to work on supplied equipment and software.
COMPLEX INSTALLATIONof the equipment, including unboxing, configuration and complete preparation for proper operation.
PRINTING HEADS MAINTENANCEby ultrasonic cleaning system in the chemical laboratory by circulation, installation and mixing of heads.
SWITCHING TO THE IQDEMY INKS FOR FREEFull complex of works for translation into IQDEMY inks: system flushing, replacement ink, writing profiles.
PRESERVATION AND RE-PRESERVATIONof equipment before and after transportation, stabilization of equipment for long-term storage.
EQUIPMENT UPGRADEof control electronics and printing equipment software.