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10 years warranty for the most advanced printing equipment.
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Industrial UV printing on any material

(glass, metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, film etc.)Read more
Universal and reliable printing type to place bright, colored picture on almost any material. Since 2004 IQDEMY manufactures its own printers based on UV-LED technology and fast control electronics. We have sold more than 5,000 machines around the world and implemented a lot of market-shaking features.
UV LED technology allows to avoid the ozone output and other polluting exhalations. The prints are absolutely safe and ecologically friendly. UV LED technology is the most green printing technology. logo logo logo logo

Flatbed Maglev series

  • «Magnetic Levitation» technology
  • 1,2x2,8 or 2,0x3,0
  • Up to 10 print heads Ricoh GEN5/KM1024
  • 10 years warranty
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IQJet Neo series

  • 7pl droplet size
  • 0,6mx0,6m stone table
  • Up to 25mm media thickness
  • 10 microns accuracy
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Hybrid Evolution series

  • Unlimited length of printing material
  • From 1,6m to 2,5m width
  • Ricoh GEN4/5 or KM
  • 200mm of material height
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Glass, ceramic aliminium printing

Read moreWe offer special equipment to print images which are not affected by sun rays, temperature and, physical impact. Images printed with special inks on anodized aluminum could be used in wide range of products from road signs to jewelry. Tempered inks for ceramic and glass are resistant to water and scratches making possible using in the decoration of floors, pools etc.
Deterioration of surface is the most significant problem in digital inkjet printing which prevents to use this technology in street signs market or in the decoration of floor, wet surfaces etc. Our technology makes it possible. certified logo dps logo konica logo

Flatbed Aluprint series

  • Print on anodized aluminum
  • Up to 400kg of material weight
  • Three-layer printing
  • Up to 2,0x3,0 table size
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Flatbed SWISS+ series

  • Extremely high resistance to scratches and humidity
  • Conveyor line as an additional option

Under development

Textile printing

(cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool, nylon, polyester and mixed)Read more
Rapidly growing market of textile printing offers clothing factories, fashion houses, production of advertising wide range of technologies to print on the most common materials. IQDEMY offers reliable fast equipment for industrial and small-business sectors based on DPS Innovations electronics.
Evolve your factory with fast printing system based on universal and industrial Ricoh print heads improved by DPS Innovations control electronics solution. logo logo

R2R TEX GEN5 series

  • High speed with GEN5 print heads
  • 1,8m width
  • Effective pre-dryer for fabric
  • Sublimation or pigment ink options
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High-precision printers for special industrial tasks

(electronic PCB circuitries, security holograms, barcodes etc.)Read more
(Special industrial solution for high-precise and fast printing. This kind of equipment is used for manufacturing products, for which maximum precision of applying every single drop is critical. Because of this reason, only the best constituents are used in this equipment, such as: control electronics by DPS Innovations, cutting edge quality control systems and solid granite table base and portal frame.)
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    • 0,5m x 0,5m print space
    • three magnetic super-power engines
    • granitic portal & body
    • pre-pining system

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IQJET Conductive Print

  • Print PCB boards with special silver-based inks for prototyping or laboratory tasks.
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IQJET Quantum Print

  • Printing of holograms and safety images on any kind of materials to protect the originality of products, securities.
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UV-inks for any print heads, primers, cleaning solutions etc.Read more
IQDEMY inks produced in own chemical production IQDEMY Chemicals guarantee orthochromatic reproduction, high quality, permanence and durability of the printed image. Inks meet all rigorous internal quality control standards and correspond to European norms of printing ink industry. IQDEMY inks line provides high performance of your production.An optimal choice for reaching high quality and high-speed printing.



Welcome to Spain, welcome to Barcelona.

IQDEMY is going to visit the next famous trade fair in the world.

The year starts with a win!

The exhibition RemaDays Warsaw 2019 has passed with flying colors! 

IQDEMY Holding results at Fespa show!

     Fespa show had passed from 15 till 18 of May in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the most important events of the printing industry. The participation of IQDEMY holding remains consistent every year so this year was no exception.

IQDEMY Holding presents new projects at FESPA 2018

Every year IQDEMY Holding takes part in many different exhibitions all over the world and some of it is the tradition. One such traditional event is FESPA. FESPA Print Global Expo 2018 is largest exhibition for the wide format print industry. There are several FESPA events per year worldwide and the next one will be in a week, Berlin.

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